Rich Ong

Founder & CEO, Makers178
Professor, National Chengchi University (NCCU)
Consultant, Financial Engineering Association (FeAT)

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Mr. Rich Ong, the Founder and CEO of Makers178, is an entrepreneur with proven records penetrating into incipient markets. He has more than 20 years working experience in the Financial Technology (FinTech) field. He has empirical industry experience, with sound theoretical background. He has well-developed network with senior level contacts in government, industry, academia, research fields, over the Asia Pacific.


Mr. Rich Ong received his Master Degree of Information
Engineering, and began his professional career with international financial technology company. He has over 20 years working experiences as high-level executives. He has been successfully leading cross-border teams working on product development, services roll-out, sales and marketing, as well as new business development. He also worked with a multi-national financial institution as Assistant Vice President of E-business. During his tenure, he successfully rolled out financial services via various mobile applications.


Mr. Rich Ong started his own business in 2015, and collaborated with partners from diversified areas to work on Financial Technology projects. His company is presently focused on “Intelligent Robo-Advisors on Wealth Management”, as one of the development areas.


Mr. Rich Ong is a passionate public speaker on topics like startups operations, technology evolution, and global financial markets dynamics. He is a frequent speaker invited by  professional forums and conference. He also likes to visit universities and colleagues to deliver lectures on trend of Financial Technology,  and advises what the students could do to prepare for this disruptive innovation.

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In honor of Mr. Rich Ong success, many distinguished universities, has invited Mr. Rich Ong as Professor. Mr. Rich Ong now is the professor at National Chengchi University (NCCU), National Tsing Hwa University (NTHU), National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech), and Tatung University (TTU). He teaches courses on 【FinTech Practice and Applications】 to help students not only understand the financial markets, technology innovation, but also the trends of new business development. At present, there are more than hundred students from different colleagues of many universities to take Mr. Rich Ong’s course..



More than 20-year experience as business executives with multi-national companies,

  1. Founder and CEO, Makers178 (2015~),
  2. Convenor, FinTech Committee, Financial Engineering Association of Taiwan (2016~)
  3. Adjunct Assistant Professor, Dept. of Information Management, Tatung University,(2016~),
  4. more than 15 years with Thomson Reuters, as high-level executives of product development, sales and marketing, new business development, in the Greater China Area,
  5. The 1st top-level Business Executives at Taiwan branch of British Telecom,
  6. Assistant Vice President of E-business at Taishin Securities Co.


Areas of Strength

  1. Financial Database on Cloud Centers,
  2. Big Data Analytics on Financial Markets,
  3. Intelligent Robo-Advisors on Personal Wealth Management,
  4. Business Strategy, New Business Development, 
  5. Startups & Team Leadership.



  1. Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Soochow University, Taiwan,
  2. Master of Science, Information Engineering, Feng Chia University, Taiwan.


Conference Paper

  1.  【The System Architecture of Robo-Advisors  under Financial Technology Coverage】,  2016 Taiwan Academic Network Conference, (TANET 2016),19-21 October, 2016,Hualien, Taiwan.


Award of Contest

  1.  Award of the 3rd place – 【Fintech track】 at <2016 21st The International ICT Innovative Service Award>



  1. <Build an O2O Financial Experience for Customers> – Storm Media,2017/08/24,
  2. <Indian Government Makes Efforts on Digital Payments to Move forward to Cashless Economy>, Storm Media, 2017.04.08
  3.  【Trends v.s. Your Advantages】, published on one of the most popular network media – <Storm Media>.
  4. 【The Rise of Robo-Advisors and Its Impact on Personal Wealth Management 】, p-52-54,No. 77,  May 2016,《Taiwan Bankers》,published by Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance,
  5. 【The New Focus of Wealth Management– HENRYs and Robo-Advisors】, published on one of the most popular network media – Storm Media, 2016/07/04
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  7. 【Trends v.s. Your Advantages】, published on one of the most popular network media – <Storm Media>,2016/10/09,


Lecture and Teaching

  1. Keynote Speech of【Information Security under Finance Technology 】,at <Summit of International Information Security Organization>, 2017/07/13,
  2. Lecturer of 【Innovations and Smart Banking】, FinTech forum, Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF),  2017/07/10,
  3. Lecturer of 【Disruptive Digital Wealth Management – Practices and Applications】, FinTech Base forum, 2017/07,
  4. Lecturer of 【Platform Economy with Innovation Opportunity on Finance Market】, FinTech Base forum, 2017/04,
Keynote speech at International Information Security Organization , with CEO of Cloud Security Alliance – Jim Revais (middle). 2017.07.13.
  1. Moderator and Panelist of 【Smart Finance – Innovation of Fintech on Smart City】forum, by Taipei Computer Association of Taiwan (TCA), 2017/02,
  1. Panelist of【2016 VC/PE Summit–the Cooperation between Zhejiang and Taiwan】, at Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, 2016/09/25~27,
  2. Keynote Speaker of【Grab Opportunities under Rise of FinTech 】forum, at Taiwan Academic Network Conference (TANET 2016), 2016/10/19,
  3. Lecture of【Disruptive Digital Wealth Management, by Computer Science and Information Management Association (CSIM), 2016/07/30,


  1. Panelist of 【Academic Form on Financial Engineering】, held by Financial Engineering Association of Taiwan (FeAT), 2016/05/22,
  2. Panelist of【Innovation on Financial Technology】forum, held by <Research Center for Information Technology Innovation>,Academia, Sinica, Taiwan, 2016/09/02,
  3. Lecturer of 【Practice on Writing Business Proposal for Start Ups】, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Economics, Taiwan, 2016/04,
  4. Lecturer of【Embrace the Rise of Finance Technology】at EMBA program, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan, 2016/06/21.
  5. Lecturer of 【Finance Technology on Wealth Management】, Department of Information Management of Tatung University Taiwan, 2015/12,


  1. Lecturer of 【Big Data Analytics on Finance Markets】, Department of Information Management of Soochow University Taiwan, 2016/03,
  2. Lecturer of 【The Rise of Finance Technology 】, College of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, of National Ilan University Taiwan, 2016/05,
  3. Couse Consultant of 【The Application of Finance Technology 】at Department of Finance of Providence University Taiwan, 2016/06,
  4. Adjunct Assistant Professor of 【The Application of Finance Technology 】at Department of Information Management of Tatung University, Taiwan, 2016/09.




Phone  : +886-2-2322-2526
Mobile : +886-936-131-663

Blog: https://RichOng.net/
Mail : Rich.Ong.TW@gmail.com
LinkedIn: https://tw.linkedin.com/in/RichOngTW
Teaching Website :  http://fintech.emmon.tw/